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Physicians now recognize Fibromyalgia as a painful, real medical condition and not a psychosomatic illness. FM is a disorder regarded as a chronic condition associated with non-inflammatory pain and tenderness in muscles and ligaments.

Fibromyalgia means "pain in muscles and fibers." FM is a stress-associated syndrome--an array of symptoms that occur together. The pain associated with FM occurs within your muscles or where your muscles join their tendons, but not in joints. This pain must be present in all four quadrants of the body for three months. Diagnosis is made by the presence of tender swollen areas that hurt when a small amount of pressure is applied.

Alternative Medicine

The alternative therapies discussed on this site focus on managing pain, fatigue, depression and other common symptoms in an attempt to break the cycle of increased sensitivity to pain and decreased physical activity. is provided by the Pain & Stress Center. Our goal is to share our knowledge and personal experience with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. We offer natural alternatives and nutritional support for people dealing with the pain of FM.




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